#13 — The term machine learning is made up of two words that when combined in that order result in a logical contradiction and a thing which is logically impossible.

The term is but one example of the so called compulogical fallacy which describes the logical contradictions that arise when we apply characteristics/behaviors/attributes/skills/abilities to machines and computers that can only rightly be applied to human beings and some (non -human) animals. The term machine learning is one of the most oft cited examples of this fallacy. The two words (each by their very definitions) when combined in that order result in a term that is a logical contradiction and the creation of something that is logically impossible, a learning machine. A machine cannot learn for if it did it would no longer be a machine. Even though it is a nonsense term and thus absurd computer “scientists” and technology hype practitioners have continued its use unabated. They believe that violating a universal law (logical law) that has been recognized as such since virtually the dawn of consciousness in man is justified by the extra dollars it puts in their pockets. Not sure if this is a useful thing to know about machine learning or not but I figured it should at least be on the list.

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