175 million dollars to fund a thing (AI Fund) which uses a thing (AI) which does not exist, and may never, to improve human life. So far it (the thing which does not exist and may never, AI) has done a bang up job. I cannot tell you how much better our (human) lives have become thanks to the magic of AI. Honestly, I really cannot tell you because it is logically impossible for something which does not yet exist to have any impact on anything, is what I used to think. But now I know better, things which do not yet exist but are tech-tastic can have a massive impact, on a persons bank account. This impact can be exponentially increased by the addition of the word “deep” in front of it.

I call it DeMarco’s rule of technology XXVII. In technology, there is an inverse relationship between the actual existence of a thing and that (non-existent) things impact or potential impact in financial matters. I have prepared a handy chart below to illustrate. Actual existence/reality of a technology thing is plotted along the X axis in RUs (reality units). Each RU represents an arbitrary number of quantum wave function collapse or coherence events whereby a putative technology thing becomes more and more real as those events increase until at an arbitrary maximum value, the reality emergence point (REP) is reached, and a technology thing is actually invented and becomes real. The Y axis represents the “financial impact” as measured in dollars changing hands for any activities in which the technology thing is the featured or major component of those activities. As one can see from the plot the financial impact begins at some arbitrary maximum value and then decreases with time (this decrease is sometimes referred to as the hype dimunition curve. It is interesting to note that the hype dimunition curve tracks proportionally with the decrease in financial impact though that data is not shown) until REP is reached. It is important to note that while the financial impact at REP is always lower than the starting value, it is not zero, and in fact, can be very large. The response curve of a normal (non-technology) thing is also included as contrast and shows the more typical directly proportional relationship between existence and financial impact whereby reality emergence is required prior to significant financial impact. Note also that the scales of the two curves may be widely divergent and in.the figure below is intentionally not quantified.

Nice work right? Can I have some of that 175 million dollars now please? I promise I will use it only to make our lives better. Mostly make my life better, but there is no our without an I, am I right? Of course I am, as always. Don’t you dare question me. Now hand over the money and get the f*!k out of my sight. lol!

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Figure 1. Actual existence of technology thing plotted against the financial impact of said thing.

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Research scientist (Ph.D. micro/mol biology), Thought middle manager, Everyday junglist, Selecta (Ret.), Boulderer, Cat lover, Fish hater

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