4 More Scientific Tricks To Getting Page Views on Medium

Turning on the Green Light to Traffic in the Fast Lane

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Much like the famous real estate truism about the importance of location the importance of writing directly about or including some, preferably more than one, reference to technology cannot be overstated. If you want to get your articles viewed on Medium you need to think like a coder, learn like a machine, and design experiments like a data scientist. Do you understand what I mean by that? If not, you need to get some education in technology because you will not get the views you so desperately desire without it. I recommend UdeMy or UDaCity. 3K gets you a nanodegree in AI or ML in 6 months. Don’t know what a nanodegree is? Kid, you got a lot to learn. Which brings me to #2.

Obviously everybody knows this but not everybody gets it. If you want to get page views avoid this topic like the plague. Two big exceptions. First is when you need a go to for making your reader think what you are writing about is legitimate and based in fact, when in reality you have just pulled it out of your ass. Pro tip. See the title of this very piece. Second, brain scans, everybody loves brain scans. Use them, write about them, reference them, you can’t miss with brain scans.

Unless you find continued obscurity and no claps or fans hilarious do not write humor articles on Medium.

The only thing less popular then humor on medium is fiction. You may as well start writing poetry kid because writing fiction on Medium is a one way ticket to nowheresville population you. Avoid it like whats his name avoided everybody by hiding out somewhere or something like that. Write fiction on Medium and you will be exactly as famous as whats his name and you will not have to hide because nobody is going to be looking for you.

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