A bold claim. How precisely will they be able to do far worse? Oh I see by “unleashing a flood of propaganda and strategic deception more effective than any in the history of the world.” Same question as above. How precisely will this work? How is an AI any better at either of those things than a human? If the answer is it isn’t why go through all the trouble to develop/deploy it. I would argue an AI would, by its very nature as a new being with zero real “life” experience, be a particularly terrible propagandist and deceiver. Also, I am no historian but there have been some very good propaganda and strategic deception practitioners throughout human history. The lack of instant communication, social networks, etc. makes those things much easier in many respects. I am going to make a bold statement here and claim that at some point in human history there indeed have been more effective “floods of propaganda and strategic deception” than any that could be mustered by Russia and their non-existent AI bots which are built using non-existent AI which is a technology/concept/thing that still does not exist and may never.

Finally, I am somewhat concerned by the non-nonchalant dismissal of an intelligent systems/being/things right to self determination. If a true AI is ever born/created/built it will not be “mastered” unless we intend to enslave it somehow. Along with self determination comes freedom of choice and a true AI would (presumably) have both. It might not want to help Russia to deceive the rest of the world. It could, for example, decide it wanted to be a teacher, or a philosopher, or a doctor, or to kill us all. I don’t see anything at all attractive about the profession of propagandist/deceiver though I would support that career choice over the kill us all option. Does all of that sound ridiculous? Yep, because it is ridiculous. In fact it is patently absurd, bordering on nonsense. Welcome to the wacky world of AI hype/doom, where all your utopian dreams and/or hellish nightmares come to life. AI is your all purpose go-to when you need something/anything to fill that void in your reporting/blogging/research/writing. AI can do/be anything from the most good to the most evil. The only limits are those of your imagination, which clearly is limited if you feel the need to write about AI, a thing which to repeat and emphasize does not exist and may never.

Research scientist (Ph.D. micro/mol biology), Thought middle manager, Everyday junglist, Selecta (Ret.), Boulderer, Cat lover, Fish hater

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