AI Continues to Transform Our Lives Through the Transformative Power of Transformation

AIbots, Transform and Roll Out

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optimus primeby AspiringArtist15. Nice work AA15. Nice work indeed. Like our current machines and computers, despite appearances Optimus Prime is not actually an artificial intelligence.*

AI has transformed so many lives already. How could it possibly be any more transformative? Personally I have seen my own life completely transformed since AI was first was dumbed down and redefined to mean nothing more than modern computing and not anything actually intelligent. My city’s traffic light system has never run more smoothly, and the elevators in the high rises downtown move people up and down with greater efficiency then ever before. The skies above our airports are full of planes calmly preparing for on time arrivals, instead of plunging to their dooms two hours late like back in the old days before AI. Plus my phone is smart and so is my house. It seems like everything is transformed beyond my wildest imagination. AI is the ultimate transformer. AI-bots, transform and roll out!

*This is actually a very interesting and debatable point and very much depends on which version of the origin story of the Transformers you believe in. In the most current iteration (and most popular) Optimus Prime was created by a God like being (Primus) described as a “multiversal singularity.” Primus birthed the race of transformers by manifesting his essence within metallic planetoids. Nowhere that I am aware of is Primus referred to as a machine or a computer and neither are any of the race of Transformers. Therefore it is more accurate to describe them as intelligent living metallic beings (created by a God who was much like them) rather than artificial intelligences created by a machine/computer or a God who was a “natural” being. Even though they manifest as machines they are “more than meets the eye” as their Hasbro slogan aptly indicates, and are much more then just “intelligent” machines. One thing we know for certain, I know way too much about the Transformers.

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