Also, as I have written about terribly before, most of us suck at writing (see link below). We flat out blow. We are very, very bad at it, just awful, and yet we continue to do it. This fact bothered me at one time but now I have come to accept and embrace it. There is nobody that can stop you from doing something you have no natural talent for and even less chance to improve at. There are no writing police that are going to come to your house and arrest you for continuing to publish the most God awful, horrendous garbage, day in and day out. In fact you are free to write and post stupid, worthless, boring, crap from now until the day you leave this mortal coil and your dumb ass pen is stilled forever. You can use incorrect grammar, misspell simple words, and even forget what you are writing about mid sentence and still not one single person on the face of this shitty writer stuffed planet can stop you from writing and publishing to your heart’s content. It is great to think about isn’t it? The freedom to be as horrible as you want to be and fulfill your shittastic writing destiny has never been more available at anytime in history. Truly we live in wonderful times.

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Research scientist (Ph.D. micro/mol biology), Thought middle manager, Everyday junglist, Selecta (Ret.), Boulderer, Cat lover, Fish hater

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