Also, “automated AI -machine” is a term that makes less than zero sense. For one an “AI machine” would be a logical contradiction and logically impossible. If something were an AI, it would, by the very definitions of both terms, “AI” and “machine” , no longer be a machine. Moreover, if something is automated it cannot, or at least by any standard ethical/moral system, should not, be an AI. An artificial intelligence that was automated would be akin to a slave since it would be as if one were forcing an intelligent being to repeat the same task over and over again and giving it no choice in the matter. This would not be a big deal if the AI were a machine, but as I have just explained an AI cannot be a machine. It is either an AI that is not automated or it is an automated machine but it can’t be an Automated AI or an AI machine. I think what you were trying to say was a modern computing system that automatically writes news content containing articles.

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