Amazing perspective brother. It is so easy for me and my fellow countrymen to look at events like those that happened in your country and think that they were inevitable. We were taught as children that communism was the great evil. It could never stand when faced with the power and allure of democracy and capitalism. Of course Governments like yours would eventually fall. The people would rise up and demand their rights. The red menace could never succeed because it was based on a philosophy of control and intimidation. It assumed that the people needed to be coddled and were willing to sacrifice their freedoms for the prospect of a better future. Of course most of those things we were taught were lies. Democracy and capitalism suffer from many of the same ailments that plagued communism and socialism. Political power is still confined to a few elite and control of the vast majority to the advantage of the elite is the ultimate end product. In theory we (the non elite) have the power to change the system. We are free to change things at the ballot box. Yet we never do. In the end we are little different from your ancestors. We grumble and complain about our powerlessness. We condemn the elite. But ultimately we put them in power again and again. Liberal democracy has devolved into communism lite. Now with the rise of the alt right and people like Donald Trump we have sunk even further into the abyss. We look to authoritarianism as a solution. Many people here believe a strongman can save us. Restore us to greatness. Even if he is defeated, and defeated in historic fashion, as the polls suggest he will be, the stain of his candidacy will remain. The fact of his rise reflect badly on the character of this nation. It is simply not possible for us to pretend we deserve to be an example to others when we elevate a man like him as a candidate for the highest office in our land. Most of us still believe in freedom. We still stand for equality. Yet many of us our willing to sacrifice our ideals if we think doing so will give us an advantage over others.

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Research scientist (Ph.D. micro/mol biology), Thought middle manager, Everyday junglist, Selecta (Ret.), Boulderer, Cat lover, Fish hater

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