Amazing. Using computers in fundamental science to do predictive modeling, complicated calculations, and data analysis. Finally, the future has arrived. These exciting discoveries never would have been possible with those old fashioned non learning machines we used to use back in the old days. You know back before machines were learning left and right and artificial intelligences were on every street corner like today. Plus we now have deep learning, and of course artificial neural networks without which we could never......hmm. What are they again? What do they do? It’s all too complicated for an old fashioned scientist like me. Heck I still do most of my data analysis in excel on a Lenovo laptop like some old fool.

These are interesting discoveries that are highlighted. They were made by humans using computers to assist in data analysis/number crunching/modeling. There is zero learning happening in the machines they are using to do this no matter how “deep” the learning is said to be, and their is certainly no intelligence. This is modern computing doing what modern computing does, which is to compute things very, very, well. Amazing.

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