Amazon ‘s Alexa — MedAlert Bracelet Meets The Clapper

‘AI’ is Here and It Is Amazing Say My Seventy Something Year Old Parents

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Clap on (clap clap), clap off (clap clap), clap on clap off, the clapper.

I was shocked to discover during a recent visit to my folks house that they had purchased an Amazon Alexa. Mr. and Mrs. D. have never been known to be on the cutting edge of technology to say the least. One of my oft stated rules of technology is the inverse relationship that exists between the chances of success of any new technology thing with the speed at which my parents acquire said thing. It has been an ironclad rule for any ‘next big thing” for at least the last decade. When I inquired as to their reasons for the purchase I was told “If we fall down it can call for an ambulance.” I was also given a demonstration of how it can be used to turn on and off various lights in different rooms throughout the house. Congratulations Alexa you have become the modern day equivalent of the MedAlert bracelet with the added functionality of The Clapper. You have also won the coveted endorsement of my seventy something year old parents. Clearly, your future is bright and we will one day be telling our own children of the day when we first brought you into our own homes. Never again will we have to experience the horror of “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” like our less enlightened ancestors, nor will we have to suffer the pains of walking ten feet to each light switch, and instead will forever more be able to turn on and off our lights from a single central location within voice range of our beloved Alexa.

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