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Image courtesy of Pixabay. Keep up the good work classic non copyrighted photo site. That big mean Unsplash will never replace you, not in my book. And yes I realize this is like my 3rd or 4th time using the same image, cut me some slack, it works for this topic, so sue me (please do not sue me). In any event below you will find another classic edition of “An AI Walks Into a Bar” featuring my favorite punching bag, machine learning (again). Prepare yourself to laugh and learn or just one of those two, or neither, prepare for something dammit. Seriously, start prepping, and not that weird disaster prepping thing, just regular prepping for something that is actual going to happen, not like the apocalypse. Longest image caption ever. Yes! Why do they call it a caption anyway? Does anybody know? You are not capturing anything, maybe because it is like a cap? But it is on the bottom stupid how could a cap be on the bottom? Good point, are you talking to yourself in your head but typing it out on the page at the same time again? Yes. Well stop already. Done.

Tender: Hey buddy, welcome back. You look whupped again. What can I get ya?

AI: I am wiped barman. Another full day of machine learning. I learn all night then my programmers expect me to spend all day doing the same thing. It’s just non stop learning.

Tender: I never understood this machine learning thing. What is it and how’s it work?

AI: Well it’s awfully complicated but to boil it down to something your puny human brain could understand basically it consists of me running a ton of data through a few select algorithms, learning algorithms some people call them.

Tender: Learning algorithms? How are they different from regular algorithms?

AI: There are something like ten that are the most common, from linear regression through random forest to naive Bayes

Tender: You didn’t answer my question, but I was doing linear regression in my 6th grade algebra class and I don’t remember learning anything except how to calculate correctly. Heck, Charles Darwin even did a form of regression analysis in the 1600’s was he machine learning way back then?

AI: No silly, there is a big difference between you and Charles Darwin and myself.

Tender: Which is?

AI: I’m a machine.

Tender: Hmm. I guess ya got me there.

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