And finally the heart of the issue is laid bare. How about instead of saying that a machine only has to have a fraction of something that is actually intelligent to qualify as artificially ‘intelligent’, we do the same thing we do for other things that are not the same as other things and call them something else, instead of the same thing. I would suggest something like ‘modern day computing’ as right now AI is simply a (slightly) different form of this using (slightly) more advanced math and statistics than have been the norm previously. This is how we prevent confusion in language and is how language fundamentally works. Once again the brilliance of Wittgenstein shines through as he talked so much about this very point. Our current situation with respect to ‘AI’, the fear, the mistrust, etc. so clearly demonstrates the dangers of using sloppy language when we talk about things, especially things that could be of great consequence to all of humanity. So called AI as it currently exists is of zero threat and very little consequence, except perhaps to technology beat writers and Wall Street profiteers, but maybe in a few hundred years could be, or it might not. In either case I hope that whatever form modern computing aka ‘AI’ takes in the future they give it a better, more appropriate, and more precise name than what has been foisted upon it today. Mostly, I would suggest, because the techorati’s biggest fear is of looking ridiculous, and straight up admitting this ludicrous notion of intelligent machines is not a real thing, they would rather confuse and dissemble with a watered down definition of ‘intelligence’ for machines. For the price of their wounded egos we are stuck with a confused and fearful populace and a degradation of part of what it means to be human and what makes humanity special, our actual intelligence.

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