…And so what? We throw in the towel. Game over. We lost, ROW 10 America 0. It was a good effort but ultimately it failed. Better luck next time. See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya. Damn bro, the next time I feel the need to stop feeling happy I know what author to seek out, Captain quit aka General give up aka Der Decline-amater. The one man able to tell you exactly how fucked you are every time you read a post, and then offer zero ideas on how to fix things and even less hope that there is any chance for change. I get it, things suck in a hell of a lot of ways but it’s not all bad as I have pointed in a previous response to a different declinerrific piece you wrote. I am pissed off and depressed too but what I am not is a quitter, nor am I devoid of hope for the future. Things will get better and maybe they will get a lot better or things will get worse and maybe a lot worse. Such are the tides of history. It is in the bad times that men and women of character are called upon to do the most to change things, to improve things, to offer hope for the future. Virtually anyone can take up the pen to identify and expound upon our various faults and woes. It is also easy to lay blame and cast aspersions on those that caused them. Far fewer are capable of identifying solutions and even less of implementing them. Everyone however is capable of holding out hope for the future. I chose hope and I am more than happy to tell anybody about it who is willing to listen. Who knows maybe one of them is or will become one of those few with the right ideas, talents, and skills to begin to change things for the better.

The only thing I know for certain, that person is not me. I’m too lazy, plus super busy working on bunch of soon to be classic anti-tech tirades, and humorous Onion like rip-off pieces featuring argan oil. Did you catch my recent hilarious take down of AI and machine learning in which I cleverly interposed Star Wars characters into an article response piece describing how AI is being used to diagnose psychiatric illness? No? Then you share something in common with all but 17 people that have used Medium in the past two days. If you want to join that small but growing band of people who accidentally clicked the link when the cat, from totally out of nowhere and with no advance warning, jumped up on their lap, it’s linked below. Speaking of brilliant, was that a sweet article plug work in at the end there or what? Probably could have come up with a better lead in then that ‘speaking of brilliant’ thing, which really made no sense, since I wasn’t in any way talking about brilliance but too much to do as I already mentioned. Damn I’m good. lol!

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