And while I know that the disclaimer at the end emphasizing that you know it is not all men was genuine, that doesn’t change the universal experience of men which is that many women believe it is all men even when they say it is not. I must live in a different universe though because in my world each of the instances of unsolicited male advice you mention would have earned an instant and severe verbal smackdown (quite possibly a physical one as well) by every other man and woman present, and an almost guaranteed visit with HR with disciplinary action if it happened in the workplace. Commenting on how a woman or anyone is dressed in a sexually suggestive manner such as in your example of being told to dress differently to “accentuate your small waste” could have resulted in termination. Of course I realize many of these comments happen out of earshot and not in the workplace, and I do not say these things to question your honesty, or to belittle or downplay the seriousness of the offense, but only to add some perspective. It does seem that things have improved some since the 1960-80s when these sorts of comments were much more common. No doubt there are cultural and geographical/regional differences in how prevalent it is and I do hear about it often within families/among relatives, but I am struggling to understand the belief among women that this is a “universal” experience. I know it is not “universal” for the 33 year old woman I am currently sitting next too as I type this says it has never happened to her. She says it is because she “is ugly” and that sort of thing only happens to “pretty girls.” For the record she is wrong on both counts. However, even a near universal experience would require a very high number of dumb ass guys out there who go around saying this shit. While dumb ass guys are a dime a dozen for such an experience to be “universal” or nearly universal would require that a majority or probably super majority of guys be dumbasses. Unless of course there are some “super” dumbasses out there who are responsible for a large number of these dumb fuck comments. I don’t believe that to be the case, but then again I am probably a dumb ass myself.

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