And why is the default position the belief that an AI, if it were possible and real, would be better at predicting the future than a natural intelligence such as our own or that of intelligent animals? Is there any data to back up this claim wise data scientists? aka not scientists because data science is not a science but rather all science is data science, Obviously since there is no such thing as AI there can be no data. What about for a type of AI? For purposes of this question I will accept the proposition that there can be such a thing, though in reality I do not. Why there cannot be a type of artificial intelligence is similar to why there cannot be a type of natural intelligence. Intelligence is an attribute bestowed upon and used to describe whole, living, beings that display certain characteristics and traits. A type of a thing is a part of a thing. Intelligence is never used to describe a part of anything, it is only used in reference to whole things (i.e. whole living beings). Therefore there can be no type of intelligence, artificial or natural. I view that argument as conclusive and irrefutable so the rest of what I say is essentially moot. However, if am wrong and there really can be a type of intelligence, I will need to continue and also dismantle the next part of the optimists case for AI.

Predictive analytics, AI Type 1, hit me with all those papers from all those prestigious journals in business, economics, psychology, sociology, and more. The ones that clearly show how much more effective, accurate, speedy, and efficient you are. Do you you remember the one where they ran a head to head study of that AI type 2 from MIT head to head against the octopus who made his selections by sliding in one direction or the other? I sure do because you fucking dominated (tied) that chump octopus and 10% of your predictions were accurate. Damn bro, 10% that is scary accurate. Quick predict my future. Am I ever gonna meet the right woman for me? Then when they brought in a six year old kid and gave him the same data and asked him to make the same predictions he got 95% correct. Lucky guesses probably. Fucking kids are too smart for their own good these days. Next thing you now they going to be sorting cucumbers and picking the number 8 out of things.

Types of AI (things which does not exist) are not true AI (other thing which does not exist). I will conclude with my answer to the question of what’s really possible with AI in sales and marketing. Nothing is possible because there currently exists no AI to explore the possibilities with. That was easy.

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Research scientist (Ph.D. micro/mol biology), Thought middle manager, Everyday junglist, Selecta (Ret.), Boulderer, Cat lover, Fish hater

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