Argan Oil Precedes Dimethicone in Hair Conditioner Ingredient Listings for First Time Ever

No End in sight to the Meteroric Rise of the Morrocan Oil

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For the first time ever Moroccon argan oil has been listed prior to dimethicone in the ingredient listings included on every bottle of hair conditioner sold world wide. The list order is considered symbolically important as it indicates not only relative concentrations (the highest concentration ingredients come first) but also perceived value/importance to the product in which it is found. Argan oil is now listed among the top five ingredients in products representing the big three hair care product categories; shampoo, conditioner, and gel/mousse. This is the first time that feat has been accomplished by an all natural ingredient. How much bigger can argan oil get is the question everyone in the consumer beauty and personal care market is asking. There seems to be no limit to what this little oil from the land of Morocco can accomplish.

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