Beware of Educational Scam on Facebook Targeting Desperate Job-Seekers

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Screen grab showing how the scam appears to typical facebook users

POSTED:APR 27 2017 10:45PM EDT
UPDATED:APR 28 2017 07:45AM EDT

A Facebook post making the rounds on the internet claims to be an offer to “discover your potential” with a fake degree in something called “machine learning” because of technology hype. The completely useless degree is awarded after spending $3000 on a fraudulent course of study.
After clicking on the link, Facebook users are taken to a web page that looks like an official University site, but is actually a fake page attempting to steal your money. The “University”, named Udacity, presumably in an attempt to capitalize on the popularity and reputation of the world renowned University of Da City, is not in fact an actual college and has no recognized accreditation from any city or state or country.

Once on the fake page you are asked enroll in a fake program in a made up major called “machine learning”. But state and local officials have made it clear on their respective Facebook pages that this is a scam. Saying, “These so called nanodegrees are totally and completely useless. They are not worth $3000. In fact we estimate they are not worth the paper they are printed on. Also, there is no such thing as machine learning, the term itself is a logical contradiction and therefore nonsense. To put it simply machines can’t learn.”
In another comment federal officials wrote, “Please be careful, [customer]. These offers are a scam designed to take advantage of desperate people who just want to work for a living. They have been snow jobbed by the tech industries’ bullshit for so long they assume anything technology related must be a gold mine. Even fake degrees from fake universities in fake subjects are embraced as possible tickets to prosperity. Moreover, be advised that having the word nano in front of the word degree does not make it any more desirable to would be employers. No one would hire you if this were a just called a degree and no one will hire you because it is a nanodegree. Finally, it is commonly accepted that the use of the word plus at the end of something indicates that one will receive more of that thing or that it will be somehow better, in this case it only indicates that one will pay more for the exact same worthless degree.”

Remember, if it seems too good to be true- it probably is!
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