Thank you for the kind words. I admit it was very wishy-washy and you are right that I did not stake a clear position. Mostly it is because I am not sure what the “right” answer is. In fact I am not entirely sure I even understand the question. The only thing I feel I can say with certainty is that climate change is real and is happening and it will have devastating consequences for some portion (possibly a very large portion) of the animal, plant, and human populations of the earth. That said, as I have tried to point out (delicately-I always take major heat for saying this) there will also no doubt be some “winners” assuming of course the loss is not total and the earth’s entire ecosystem is not damaged beyond repair. I like to use the example of the Canadian farmer who can now grow and sell crops that would have been impossible in the cooler past.

As to the role of evolution, science and technology, etc. I truly don’t know the answer. I am a hard core technology skeptic as you will see if you read much of my other stuff. However, I am also a scientist and a huge believer in the power and utility of science. Can science and technology save us from ourselves? In the long run I believe they can but we may not have “the long run” to work with. And using “science will save us” as an excuse for inaction as some have suggested is ridiculously short sighted, extremely risky, and downright lazy.


Luckily my AI is only metaphorical so the only internet he/she/it will be plugged into is the imaginary one in my head. Ironically my metaphorical AI is a lot like AI in our real world, neither actually exists. The biggest difference is that my metaphorical AI does not have any conferences or college courses dedicated to it. Maybe someday, a man can dream…..

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Research scientist (Ph.D. micro/mol biology), Thought middle manager, Everyday junglist, Selecta (Ret.), Boulderer, Cat lover, Fish hater

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