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A families hopes and dreams pads slowly, hesitantly, testing, tasting, searching for the familiar, finding only the unknown

Head down now near the surface of the road

He remembers this morning, the boy smiling, laughing, pawing at him, hugging him close

The girl brushing him softly as she whispers in a language he does not comprehend but soothes nonethelesss

The youngest one, looking at him, staring, eyes ablaze with wonder and curiosity, what is this thing before me

And the mother, gentle and kind, caring for him as she does her own, he sits down next to her and looks up

There is something reflected in her eyes, a glint, growing larger, moving faster now toward him, he is frozen by it, locked in place and held there, and he knows

Why he is here, what she needed, what he had to do, and he has a measure of peace

It is coming out of her now and it envelops him in its warmth and love

The horn sounds too late

For Jessica, CJ, Lulu and Grayson. I am so sorry for your loss.

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