Please, Please, Please Improve Your Search Function Medium

Do I really need to archive all 1,200 of my published writings one at a time in order to search them?

Is just one of the many questions I ask myself when I am struggling yet again to locate an old article I wrote and published on Medium. Typically I may only vaguely remember it, with close to 1,200 stories posted over the course of almost three years there is a lot to remember. I have tried every method I can think of to locate old writings. Dowloading the .zip of the archive and searching by keyword sometimes gets the job done, but what a pain in the ass it is. Good old Google search sometimes works, but I typically have to sift through tons of non-relevant crap to find what I need.

To be selfish about this I really don’t care if the overall search-ability of the site is improved or not, I just want to be able to search my own shit, and only my own shit quickly and easily. How hard is that?

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