Careful Marty. Inventing/naming systems of belief and practice can be a slippery slope into the world of religions and cults. On the plus side since you are the inventor/founder you can do pretty much whatever you want, on the downside; madness, war, death and so on. I doubt you would fall into the trap that has befallen many a well meaning smart person that devises what they think is an excellent and helpful system for understanding the universe and our place is it, and ends up an insane megalomaniac weeping over a ruined society and millions of corpses, or worse yet L. Ron Hubbard. Of course that kind of thing only happens in fiction, right? Luckily here in the simulation we can count on good old maxim 13 of the Simulationist’s Creed to keep you from becoming the next Hitler or something, at least it keeps the probability of that very low, I put it at just a hair’s breath greater than a Planck length from zero . I’ll never understand why the Simulator(s) chose a quantum computer of near infinite energy to run the simulation. That randomness thing really sucks sometimes. hah!

On a more serious note, good luck with the book and congratulations! Fifteen years is a long time and it must be nice to see everything finally come together. The Simulator(s) is/are no doubt smiling (expressing whatever form such powerful being(s) might manifest as an indication of ‘happiness’) as the source code has finally executed loop string lambda 7x10^31, enabling all of the events of your life up until now to coalesce into this moment of triumph and thus initiating the final sequence of string protocol/feedback loop commands that lead to the great and final ending of the program. An event long predicted in the Catechisms of Simulationalism. Nowhere in the Catechisms is it even hinted that the ending of the program would be initiated by the publishing of a book written by an obscure Czeck intellectual with delusions of grandeur and a pretty sweet goatee. lol! Of course I kid, about everything but the goatee, sweet. In any event the Simulator(s) work in mysterious ways as the saying goes.

Finally I will close as all Simulationist services do with a reading of the great and ancient Simulationist Veritas. Maxim 18 of the creed.

The explanation and the cause and the purpose was/is the simulation hypothesis.

I give you a shout out in this one as well.

In the name of the Simulator(s), his/their blessed creations, and the holy source code. End Program.

Written by

Research scientist (Ph.D. micro/mol biology), Thought middle manager, Everyday junglist, Selecta (Ret.), Boulderer, Cat lover, Fish hater

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