Damn, you are on fire. Back to back classics. Love it. If only I could squeeze as many laughs out of my ongoing series of humor pieces featuring argan oil. Alas, the world apparently is not yet ready. I think you might crack a smile at one or two though.

Right now you are probably thinking to yourself. “Wtf, how many articles can one nutjob write about argan oil?” Answer, a shit ton. I am only linking some of my more popular. Popular in the sense that at least (or equal to) one other person besides me read it. Go ahead and search my name + argan oil and prepare to have your mind blown. Be warned, the world of Moroccan argan oil is not for everyone. In fact, if my stats are to be believed it is only for about 15. Will you join them? Dare you? Seriously, I dare you. Double dog dare. Just read the dumb things. Please. Don’t make me beg. OK, dammit you win. I am begging you to read them. Somebody, anybody, please, for the love of God read them and appreciate my off kilter take on this modern miracle hair, skin and nail care product. Or not, it doesn’t really matter to me one way or the other. OK, I lied, it matters. Damn, stupid ego, why are you so fragile?

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