Document control tech 1A..Note to log file-sec clearance alphafoxtrottango12/:455. Project disbanded on orders from White House. Full stop all activities. Destroy all non-master doc copies within three days. Plan A1c phase 1 has initiated. Civilian roll out strategy has begun. See first major article plant. Linked below.

The Plan

Those were the words I read on the cover of the large binder containing an approximate four inch thick assemblage of mostly standard legal size paper in a variety of colors. There seemed no readily apparent organizational system however given the complex nature of the materials contained within I had no doubt there was a system in it. Suffice to say when you sit down at a table and read those words in that order as the title page you can’t help but feel a cold edge of dread seep in. For thirty years and no doubt many more there were enough persons of sufficient intellect and evil moral character to actually believe that the effort this must have required would be well worth the payoff. I had always put my faith in the general inherent goodness of the majority of men but this material instantly made you call in to question that assumption. Then you start to dig in and even more of your assumptions collapse one by one. I came to feel that if spent enough time with this vile work it may eventually reduce me down to my last base layer assumption and then break it too. Then I would find I had no foundation to stand on at all. What does one do then? Go on I suppose but what an empty way to live. It was at that moment, ononly my third day on the project that I truly committed to this effort. Once you committed to this project there was no turning back you had officially taken a side. After the race war if the worst happened and evil triumphed the only persons treated more harshly than the non white races were the traitors to the master race. If you were white and you choose wrong pray you still have a gun because suicide will be the kindest death you might hope for. Anything else. Best not to think about it.

Taking the material at face value strains credulity to say the least. The scope of conspiracy required. The number of people truly committed to the cause needed. The difficulty of getting these highly committed co-conspirators into just the right mix of federal government departments, some of which will need to be at very senior level positions or even heads of their agencies. It just seem impossible to pull it off in system as beuacratic, hyper partisan, and often plain downright dysfunctional as ours. However I have read the entire contents of the of all of the materials I have access to at least (I am virtually certain there is much more way above my pay grade materials that are no doubt even more inflammatory, disturbed, and scary) and the plan had very specific details on the best ways to address the difficulties I just mentioned and many many more. Before I started in to the meat of it I inquired if there any sort of abstract or executive summary available. I was pointed to an obscure aspiring writer’s website called Medium. I had never heard of it, but was able to discern its intended purpose as a way for non-professional writers to practice and hone their craft by sharing and commenting on each other’s work. It seemed that it evolved away from that core objective and now consisted of a de facto legitimizer of content or certain persons based on how many others on the site followed them. On top of that it seemed the editors of the site bestowed certain advantages to certain authors, topics, and posts in a basically random manner. My guess is they propped up chicks they liked for blow jobs. Typical Silicon Valley shit. Those so called tech geniuses are really going to be in for shock when finally the truth and not a single one of their all seeing algorithms had a clue. Hell it was and still us believed many of the key influencers and too operatives of racists live and work from there. I guess now you understand why diversity never really has been much of a priority for them.

A small digression I realize but the website was small and quirky but it was legit, had been around for a while, and seemed to have a small but loyal user base. Even more cryptically I was directed to a post from a particularly obscure user. I presume that the naming of names presents no security risk but I was not given explicit instructions with regards to secrecy. His name was Daniel R. DeMarco a nobody PhD who seemed to live a fairly odd life. His posts ran the gamut from your typical hackneyed horror pulp to detailed technical treatises on incredibly obscure philosophical topics of which maybe ten people would give a shit about. He seemed to have a strange obsession with this notion of a grand conspiracy between the Feds as he usually called them and America’s doctors to deprive all good and deserving people who suffer from chronic pain of their opioid medications. It only took about ten minutes of perusing to understand why he did not have a future as an author of great renown. Hopefully he is at least a competent scientist. There is one post that appeared recently that I was directed too. The title had all the required click bait keywords for conspiracy theorists to cream their jeans in anticipation. In fact the more I puzzled on the title the more it dawned on me that it really was a little too perfect in that regard. I was not in a position to even hazard a guess as to its significance so I began to read.

The DeMarco post was about as hackneyed as all his other works. Full of cliches, opinions masquerading as facts, and enough made up technical jargon and fake statistics to give it just the right amount of plausibility to the non scientist who fancies he understands science because he reads one Wikipedia article on a science topic everyday. All that being said there were also hints of connections throughout that had just enough extra insight or the tiniest thread of a connection that they might be referring to actual real things. Maybe a code of some sort? Why post your code on a public website? Of course it is a public website but a small one and the actual “authors” page is one of the most obscure least travelled corners of it. So you post to a public website to be able to truthfully say the material is publicly available but you purposely make it extremely difficult to find without someone pointing you directly to it. Only someone who wanted to hide something but hide it in a way that is not really hidden if you know where to look would find that approach of value. I had gone as far as I could down the theoretical motive rabbit hole so decided it was time to dig into the Plan itself.

The first read through for me was just a quick scan. Of course a quick scan of a document of the size and scope of the plan requires a serious time investment. Mostly I was looking for connections to the DeMarco post. Some seemed too obvious others too obscure. I sat down and scanned it again this blocking all thoughts of secret connections or grand conspiracies and just let the content lead me.

Even when I finished I don’t think I truly appreciated just how depraved a thing it was, how evil its goals, genocide on a grand scale. I only remember being in awe of the ambition of the plan, it’s scope, it’s audacity and thoroughness. The amorality of it was repulsive but it embraced it fully bereft of any concern or worry for what is good or what is evil. Those moral and ethical considerations were not considered worthy of study or thought, in fact they were not considered at all. It simply described what needed to be done to achieve its goals and then described in great detail any number of possible solutions without regard for any ethical concepts at all. Law, the Environment, politics, business, government any institution could become an instrument of the plan if you just knew the way. The injustices it was designed to create, perpetuate, and amplify always targeted with as much precision as could be engineered it to accrue disadvantages to all non white races and accrue advantages to all white citizens. As I soon discovered though there were a number of notable exceptions as not all classes of whites were treated the same under the plan. One of its most effective strategies was to design systems, laws, tax policy and such that the economic fate of the African American and the white working classes would become linked. Wages, employment levels, even physical health were intended to move in lockstep with an overall theme of continual slow decline in economic security and overall quality of life. There can be no doubt the plan is an inherently racist one. Its objective is to hasten the creation of the ideal mix of economic, social, and political conditions under which a race war would be most likely to occur. But it seems the drafters of the plan realized that even some sub populations of the master race may need to suffer alongside all the non white races to more effectively play there assigned role in hastening the coming race war.

To achieve that end goal the authors of the plan theorized a number of options from the disturbing to the bizarre. Eventually they were all discarded in favor of an old fashioned appeal to emotion. They surmised that the fastest and most effective method of igniting a race war in which at least a very large majority would willingly participate was to use anger. Anger needed to build in whites and in everyone else. They knew that a large majority of whites in America were not racist or prejudiced. Therefore they intended to build as much anger and economic insecurity they could into the white middle classes. A disinformation strategy would selectively leak tidbits of information suggesting but never outright saying that the reason for their suffering was the blacks. Specifically it is their laziness, criminal tendencies, lower overall IQ which leads to higher school drop out rates, and high sexual appetites which has caused their birth rates to soar. While all of these “facts” about African Americans are untrue they will presented as true with convincing sounding studies cited. In some instances for really high value concepts or ideas there was a process to apply for the complete fabrication of a fully peer reviewed study in whatever journal was deemed to have the most impact. But as you will read they seem to have created/invented some very sophisticated data analysis software packages, data mining techniques, possibly even some new areas of mathematics and statistics. These tools were used with a single goal in mind, intentional disenfranchisement of members of specific racial groups through primary, secondary, and even tertiary or more spillover effects that can occur when specific changes in the availability/access of large classes of financial products are made. Much of the effort was directed toward manipulation of insurance products, specifically rate pricing and overall availability. Essentially they decided to start with insurance because it was the most vulnerable to manipulation. The planned to exploit a vulnerability in the processes and rules that existed in the past and do still today for increasing premiums. One very key element of insurance plan pricing are these abstract things called correlation factors (CF). A CF could be a behavior, a thing, a particular disease state, a series of dates or even a time of day. What makes a CF a CF for the insurance industry is that the factor, whatever it is, has been correlated with higher losses (i.e. more accidents, more claims) for the insuring company in a statistically significant manner. These CFs and sets of CFs are constantly modified as new data is obtained or better statistical tool become available. In the United States today any premium rate hike above and beyond simple inflationary adjustments must have a justification and be approved. A big part of the justification requirement is supporting documentation listing the identity and number of CFs that were included in the statistical analysis. All statistical methods used must be disclosed and the entirety of the data analysis has to be reviewed and approved by a special permanent subcommittee within the offices of the Treasury department. It appears they have had at least a few successes. A quick and dirty analysis of one particularly relevant financial products data set has revealed at least four and possibly more periods in the past 15 years where a much greater than normal number of factor analysis waivers were requested and mostly approved.

The Plan describes a detailed and specific strategy to game the CF approval process. They would begin by recruiting and hiring a large team of the best mathematicians and statisticians they could find. Other documents suggest this number was originally 20. They then would build a facility containing all of the most cutting edge technologies in use at that time by the large insurance conglomerates in their CF mining operations and then immediately begin to improve on that technology with another team of the best engineers and computer scientists they could hire. How are “they” going to hire anyone let alone the best technical talent on offer at the time? The answer was a combination of money, strategic political planning, and key influencers within the organization, or organizations, responsible for at least some key aspects of the design and execution of the plan.

Missing documentation with further details of CF mining success rates and applications…see sections 8e subsection a-p

The role and identity of these key influencers is one the most worrying and hotly debated topics in the small circle of with direct access to at least some parts of the original text. One of the more disturbing accusations from the text alludes to a group or groups of senior level career government professionals. Possibly composed of a mix of key influencers and rank and file foot soldiers who shared many sympathies with various openly racist and hateful organizations. They were committed to act on their racist prejudices in a sweeping attempt to disenfranchise virtually every single African American residing in the United States. The end goal of their plan (here their plan refers to one possible scenario for achieving the objective of The Plan which is the comprehensive collection of all such scenarios) was to foment a race war which would only end with the killing or re-enslavement of every single African American currently living in the United States as well as all other non white races in planned second phase. They had defined a set of factors (note that factors in this usage are not at all similar to correlation factors discussed previously. Also it is not clear to what extent if any knowledge of the existence of other groups and subgroups working toward the same objective but using very different methods was known among rank and file racist foot soldiers. Certain links have been verified at the leadership level but no consensus on if those links have particular strategic intent and if so what those strategies may be.)

The factors could be used to maximize the encouragement of geographic segregation by race and another ten factors were proven to greatly discourage mixing of races in some and eventually all private companies. A third set maximized the chances that any given state and eventually the US government itself would reintroduce laws banning interracial relationships of any kind most likely beginning with interracial marriage. Specific details on how to tweak each factor to deal with complications that may arise such as how to handle interracial marriages that took place prior to the change in law were included. In most cases the default “solution” was to mandate compliance by force up to and including summary executions for resistors.

Full stop…end The Plan phase 1 intel overview. Drop location for phase 2 intel retrieval alert has not changed.

By reading this document you have chosen a side. The racists are given selective monitoring access that we control. We choose to let them see log files listing detailed personal information on any and all site visitors. By now you are most likely already on their list. If you are white you are now a traitor to the master race. There is no list needed for all other races because all non white individuals are equally worthless in their eyes. All will be treated with equal harshness and mercy shall be given to none.

Rest assured we are working on plans to prevent the war from ever happening. Our best analysts however calculate our current odds of success at no better than 39%. If you are reading this prepare and be ready

And thanks for reading.

Special intelligence team. Go live date of rev. 1. 12/22/16

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Research scientist (Ph.D. micro/mol biology), Thought middle manager, Everyday junglist, Selecta (Ret.), Boulderer, Cat lover, Fish hater

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