First, thanks for reading and commenting! I believe I said “may never.” As a research scientist myself I know better than to deal in absolutes. As to the argument that we are machines too I have some sympathy for that view though I ultimately reject it. See this post below for part of the reason why

When you say “because that’s how our mind works too” you commit the all too common error of assuming we have any idea how our mind works. We have a number of competing theories, many of which directly contradict each other. All of the theories have flaws and none are universally accepted. The “evidence” supporting the majority of them was gathered using brain imaging experiments which have serious methodological and other flaws that make them close to useless. The other “method” that has been used for determining how the brain “works” are psychological and animal experiments some of which you allude too. While (possibly) useful for drawing some broad brush conclusions about the brain, they absolutely cannot be used to say in any way how the human brain works. There are some very few surgical experiments in humans that have given clues and hints as well. Of course these are all n=1 or 2 and so any conclusions drawn are based on a ridiculously low sample size and thus statistically meaningless. Without an understanding of how the human mind/brain actually ‘works’ we can never truly understand human‘intelligence’, thus to claim we know what an artificial version of it would be like is the height of hubris, to suggest we have invented/built/made it is flat out crazy.

Finally, I reject the term deep learning. It is nothing more than a hedge term devised to hide the fact that we have failed in all our attempts to create “artificial intelligence” so far and continue to fail. The AI cheerleaders who keep predicting its imminent arrival like to use the term when pressed. It allows them a way out of the bind they find themselves in. If not AI, then well at least we have deep learning, if not deep learning, systems of intelligence, if not that, we have special intelligence, or scores of others. None have any real meaning outside of the fact that they are not AI and thus can be used as convenient fall back positions.

In any event thanks again for reading and commenting! Truly appreciate you taking the time to read something I wrote.

Research scientist (Ph.D. micro/mol biology), Thought middle manager, Everyday junglist, Selecta (Ret.), Boulderer, Cat lover, Fish hater

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