Frizz Declares Victory In War With Human Hair

Frizz-Away, Frizz-Ease, and Frizz-Off All Sign Historic Agreement Ending the Millenia-Old Conflict

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Frizz reveling in its victory. Photo courtesy of wikimedia commons, it’s the wikipedia of media you can use without getting sued.

An armistice was signed today ending one of the oldest non declared wars in human history, the millenia-old war on frizzy hair. All the major anti-frizz consumer products brands agreed to sign and within hours all hair care products bearing their names were gone from store shelves around the world. Speaking for the defeated frizz fighters Frizz-Ease said “It is a sad day today, though it is a day we knew and feared would someday come. Despite our best efforts, and hundreds of millions of research and development dollars spent, we have been unable to stop frizz, or even really make much progress in slowing its relentless march across the human head. In retrospect it should have been obvious. Once the pre-Cambrian period ended and it became clear the earth would be a majority wet and warm planet the optimum conditions for hair frizz were set, and ever since our eventual defeat at the hands of the forces of frizz was all but guaranteed. You have defeated us frizz, this day and all remaining days our yours, have mercy on us.”

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