Further Future — Burning Man for the 1%. Please Kill Me Now

“It’s important what we do here,” Scott said. “That’s what we keep saying. We’re shaping the future. These are the people who not only can do it, but these are the only people who can.”

People who believe they are the only ones who can shape the future should be disqualified from participating in any discussions or activities that might actually have some effect on the future. They believe because they are wealthy and ‘successful” they have some special insight into how the world works or should work. Only these technological supermen have the intelligence and foresight to guide all the rest of us knuckle draggers into their futuristic techno-utopia. If only we were smart enough to see how brilliant these men are, we would give them total power and complete autonomy to guide us into a future we just aren’t sophisticated enough to understand. Just trust them to lead us and heaven on earth awaits. In my humble (non 1%) opinion, worthless as it must be, the self regard of any particular person is inversely proportional to their actual worth. Thus these further future participants are some of the more worthless human beings currently wasting space on our planet.

“This weekend, outside Las Vegas, a group of Burning Man veterans put on a festival called Further Future, now in its second year. Across 49 acres of Native American land over three days, with around 5,000 attendees, the event was the epitome of a new trend of so-called “transformational festivals” that are drawing technologists for what’s billed as a mix of fun and education. While tickets started at $350, many attendees opted for upgrades to fully staffed accommodation and fine dining.

While Burning Man’s hidden luxury camps on the edge of town are criticized by old time Burners who value labor on the desert, Further Future is a splinter group that’s unapologetic about wanting a good, hard-labor-free time. “Unabashed luxury”, the website reads. Burners are judged for using Wi-Fi or having private chefs; Further Future advertises its connectivity and personal festival assistant service. Nobu hosted a $250-a-seat dinner on the first night of the festival. Partiers included Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Alphabet; Clear Channel CEO Bob Pittman; and top Facebook executive Stan Chudnovsky.”

“This is a high percentage of San Francisco entrepreneurs, and they tend to be winners. It’s a curated, self-selected group of adults who have jobs,” Schmidt said. “You can tell by the percentage of trailers.”

They tend to be winners. Plus they have jobs! Wow! actual people who work for a living. These people truly are special and unique. Even more unbelievable is the percentage of trailers. You won’t see more trailers anywhere else besides at every trailer park in Floida. To be in such vaunted company as Florida trailer park residents is truly amazing.

“We’re so privileged to come to these spiritual places — Further Future, Tulum — but not everyone can,” the audience member says, asking Piorkowski how he should reconcile that.

“It’s all about balance. We are the ones meant to be the air, not the earth,” Piorkowski said. “So you have this group who can travel. The purpose can never be to enable everyone to travel because that would create imbalance.”

Unfortunately not everyone can be privileged enough to attend an event so amazing and selective. It’s just not possible for everyone to travel because of the imbalance that would create. It’s exactly like how not everyone can travel to work everyday. That’s why we have rotating travel days throughout America. Oh wait a minute, no we don’t. How do we manage? I’m just not further future enough to know I suppose. If only I were born with better genes and a higher IQ or a Ph.D. degree or something fancy like that. Maybe in my next life. One can only dream.

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Research scientist (Ph.D. micro/mol biology), Thought middle manager, Everyday junglist, Selecta (Ret.), Boulderer, Cat lover, Fish hater

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