Interesting piece. I hadn’t really appreciated the possibility of a coming together of the tech utopian crowd with evangelicals until I read this. On its face it seems to make some sense. However, while they share many similar traits such as their heightened sense of superiority, disdain for those who don’t share their beliefs, and judgmental attitudes, they have many dissimilar characteristics that would make a true union of these two cult-like groups difficult. Mostly I see a tension in their beliefs and attitudes on moral/ethical questions. The evangelicals of course will shed their so called moral code at a moment if it suits them but they at least pretend to have one. The tech utopians have none beyond a world that is a paradise where no one wants for anything (read: a world of sin).

All that said I love talking and thinking about the simulation hypothesis. Have a look at this. Would be interested to get your take.

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