Glad you liked it. Important caveat I am not an evolutionary biologist and I glossed over/paraphrased or otherwise simplified greatly many of the key concepts of evolution. It’s awesome that you read and enjoyed my piece but if you really want to educate yourself on the topic seek out and read the real experts. There are plenty of excellent, highly trained and experienced specialists in the field that are writing really great stuff for the non-expert audience. And stop with the “my level of comprehension” downplaying of your intelligence. Maybe you can’t jump into the primary literature and start reading first run journal articles on the topic just yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t get there with some effort. On the other hand, no harm in trying. Here are three that are decent and open/free access. Enjoy and looking forward to seeing your thoughts once you have had a chance to digest some of this stuff.

Occasionally I read something that seems super complex and out of my area of technical expertise and I am tempted to use the “beyond my level of comprehension” cop-out. My trick is to re-read whatever it is over and over again, silently and out loud until it becomes like second nature to hear the words in my mind and coming out of my mouth. At that point I still may have no idea what any of the words mean or how they fit together to form a coherent point however I clearly understand them, at least in a certain way, for I am able to read them and speak them and hear them. By doing those three things I have taken an action and demonstrated the capability to understand the words, this is the foundation of comprehension. From that point on its just a matter of a few years of graduate education, thousands of hours of studying, a couple of stints at various careers in the field, and before you know it, not only have I comprehended the words I am an expert and can spout off my own set of nonsense words nobody understands, and the circle of life is complete. Lol!

Thanks again for reading!

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