Going to the dictionary, you stole that move from me. Lol!

Nicely put but I disagree that consciousness will or even can emerge in a sufficiently networked system absent a body without at least one and maybe more than one “sensory” modality(ies), and possibly also the ability to move in space. We err when we associate consciousness only with the mind or the brain. To my knowledge there currently are no conscious brains in vats despite the immense number of thought experiments and philosophical ramblings the possibility has inspired.

Consciousness does not emerge from only that part of a human being so absent some sort of body or body like system the most sophisticated network ever constructed will not achieve consciousness, certainly not anything like the consciousness we have of the world and our place in it. We can not say of a brain or a mind totally disconnected from the physical universe that it is conscious. For now at least we can only say that of a human being with a body, no matter how disabled it may be.

In any event I will have tons more to say on this topic in my How To Build an AI posts.

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