Hello? Anyone? Are You Not In The Least Concerned About The Ongoing Cyber Attack On This Very Website?

Why Is Nobody Writing About This? These Follower Bots Are Fucking Up The Place

And where in the heck is the media coverage? Yes this is a tiny ass website that only a very few demented people such as myself give two shits about. However, usually the media creams their jeans at even the whiff of a story where they get to use the word cyber. A sustained 3 day cyber attack on a (semi-legitimate) business entity, a tech company no less, like Medium.com and they should be in full orgasmic melt down mode right now. Has this sort of thing become so common that it does not even merit a mention on slate.com or some other media/tech/journo rag website? I have been running searches all day using various engines and all sorts of different search criteria and not found a single mention of this. Not word 1. Freaking zero. The bots seem to be getting more sophisticate too. The majority now have pictures associated with them, more legitimate sounding names, and even some followers themselves. Before you know it, it is gonna be like the mother fuckin Terminator in here. I am going to have to get a dog and have him sniff my laptop screen before I accept anyone as a real follower.

Maybe it is just me. Perhaps the AI that I have mocked for so long actually did come in to existence three days ago, immediately absorbed the entire contents of the internet, noticed what an ass i was, and decided for its first conscious act as an intelligent being to try and drive me nuts. Guess what I say to that? Bring it bitch boy. No fucking AI can get the best of the D-dog, not on his home turf. I love followers, keep em coming, and the crazier the name the better. I will even give you some ideas. How about Haywood Jablowme? or what about a more feminine name, you like Ima? Kind of an older name but still a good one. If you like Ima you probably gonna love Ima numbnut, she is from Senegal and has not been active on Medium yet, just joined in June, but is already following 150 people. Sweet.

Also, Hello, Medium.com What Are You Doing About This? When Are You Going To Stop It? And When Are You Going To Fix My Shit? Can I Please Have My 5 Dollars Back?

And For The Love Of God Will You Please Unsuspend My Post About Welcome To Me Chandigarh Escort Girl Portal And Its Professional High Class Services?

And Please Do Not Suspend This One Just For Using Those Words! Do Not Make Me Call Uranus Yoda, Because I Will, I Swear I Will. And Then You’ll Be Sorry.

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Research scientist (Ph.D. micro/mol biology), Thought middle manager, Everyday junglist, Selecta (Ret.), Boulderer, Cat lover, Fish hater

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