Hello, Medium — You Are Under Massive Bot Attack I Seem To Be One Of The Few Fighting Back And I Get Suspended

Dear Medium,

May I ask for a favor? Can you take a moment to extract your head from your ass? You mean to tell me that in the middle of a significant bot attack that has been executed with a high degree of sophistication and seems directly targeted at you as an online entity. In the middle of all that shit storm when no doubt your online security team is at defcon 6, Johnny Hackerton just grabbed a case of Mountain Dew, and all of the ping pong tables at Medium HQ have gone dead quiet you actually have the time to suspend access to an article I wrote that attempts to fight back at least a little against the assholes responsible for this shit.

Look, I realize my little dumb post is meaningless, none of the fucktards behind this will ever in a million years see it, and even if they did it wouldn’t bother them in the least. I have no hacking skills or special abilities that can aid your software engineers and coding whiz kids. What I do have is my brain, my fingers, and way too much free time. The sad thing is I truly feel like that was one of the best pieces I have ever written. A little twisted sure, odd, no doubt, but really freakin hilarious, and a spot on takedown of everything ridiculous about this entire fucked up situation. I was quite proud of myself after publishing it. Then when I attempt to share the link with a writing colleague here I see it has been suspended. Whatever, I guess the one person who is not working to stop this bot attack needed something to do and I got the short end of the stick. Maybe if you took the person who just wasted at least 30 minutes of their life suspending access to my masterpiece and asked them to help fight the bots we might all be in a little better shape. I know I would be significantly less pissed.

Anyway thanks for your attention and bite me assholes.

Dan D.

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