Hey Medium Can I Please Be Allowed to Comment On Someone’s Profile?

Or At Least Send Them A Message Directly Somehow Without Having to Respond to Something They Wrote

I recognize this is not a “social network” and the purpose of the site is not to interact one on one with other users but every once in a while I would like to be able to send a brief message to another writer on the site. As an example typically when I notice in my notifications that I have picked up a follower, sadly this is still quite a rare occurrence, I like to check out their profile to try and get a sense of who the person is. Since the end of the great “bot attacks” of early 2017 these are almost always now real people, and sometimes my interest is piqued by something they mention in their profile. If I want more information or to learn more about the person I am stuck at that point as there is no way to contact them directly without finding some random story they wrote and inserting a response at the end and then hoping they see it. Only rarely does this work to get the persons attention and more often than not I am stuck. Perhaps others know of a solution to this problem I am not aware of or Medium if you could just add like a “message writer” box to everyone’s profile page that would solve the problem too. I will look for ideas in the comments.


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