Holy Crap — 1500 Published Posts

#1500 Was Exactly One Sentence Long

Some (most) people writing on Medium focus on providing original content in the form of published articles. I prefer to make my hay in the responses/comments section. In fact, roughly 85% (981) of my 1500 total pieces are responses while only approximately 58% (520) are articles. While you can’t make any money on Medium as a comment jockey, you can irritate, annoy, amuse, mystify, and educate if you have the talent, and a thick skin. The response sections are not for the faint of heart, and you will find that many persons do not take kindly to their assertions being questioned or their sacred lamb being led to the slaughter. On the other hand, nobody really reads ’em so you can have it with little fear of annoying anyone important.

It was fitting then that my 1500th published post on Medium was a response. The article I was responding to had the so obvious it should not need to be said, but sadly does title of “You are not an algorithm.” I wrote “Also, just like machines, algorithms cannot learn, nor can they be/have or confer intelligence.” And there you have it, post one thousand and five hundred is a one sentence smack down which dissects the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence in a masterful display of economy of language and conciseness of argument. Or something like that. lol!

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