Holy shit, you are right, crap I wasted my life! Back to Arby’s I guess for now to regroup and retool. Wonder if my nanodegree in machine learning is still hanging up in the men’s bathroom? It could really come in handy on my job hunt. Hah! Good one right? a nanodegree helping someone get a job, that’ll be the day, I kill me. In any event I better start polishing up the ole CV. Stupid graduate education in microbiology/molecular biology, I am such a dummy. My mom and dad always told me I wouldn’t amount to anything.* Guess I should have listened.

How could I have fallen for such an idiocy named science evolution when it was crystal clear this entire time that books of encoded information are as similar as close amount of chromosomes they have. It was right in front of me this entire fucking time. Dummy, dummy, dummy. I blame the damn liberal mob, always getting rule over science, the dicks. They will learn soon enough that their fraud is anecdotal and all those climate fraudsters and so called deniers will be in prison. What’s your “talking point” now dickweeed?

It will be no ordinary prison either, it will be the ultimate supermax. In supermax climate prison the CO2 level will be kept at 390 ppm — it is, when 1 ea. part of CO2 would be warming up 2564 ea. parts of atmosphere on 2 degrees Celsius. Temperature of “1 ea. part” must be in range of temperature on surface of the Sun and then they will learn. And they will sweat. I mean like super soaker sweat, gonna need multiple changes of clothes every hour or two.

That is gonna be sweet.

On a side note do you think Jesus could beat Mohammed in a fight? Like a no holds barred mano e mano bar brawl when they were both at the peak of their physical prowess. No superpowers/miracles, etc. allowed, standard human man powers only. No weapons either, I am talking bare knuckle brawl. They both probably fairly strong given the difficult conditions they lived in but Jesus trained as a carpenter and Mohammed went to war and shit (sadly I actually have no idea if this is true). I give the edge to the Muslim fella. Thoughts?

*I kid. They were supportive, kind, loving, generous, and wonderful.

Written by

Research scientist (Ph.D. micro/mol biology), Thought middle manager, Everyday junglist, Selecta (Ret.), Boulderer, Cat lover, Fish hater

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