How you can land a coding job with very little experience

Using the Freelance Gig aka The Back Door Approach to Get Hired Now

The paradox: you need a job to get experience but you need experience to get a job…

The other day, a friend who was getting ready to graduate from college asked me for advice on how to get a developer job. He had spent hours poring over job boards, sending out cover letters, and had heard back from exactly zerocompanies. 😢

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Allow me to introduce freelancing and the ‘Gig’!

I know what you’re thinking, freelancing? If no one would hire me for a job, why would anyone hire me as a freelancer? What’s so special about freelancing anyway? Isn’t it just working for a company except without the W-2, benefits, and job security? Wouldn’t I be better off sticking with the job hunt for a while? or sucking off for a job for a while?

  • intrapreneurs — entrepreneurs working on innovation inside a company that are also looking to build proof of concepts. The love taking in back door doers, or taking it in the back door in industry parlance
  • small-businesses — usually looking for someone ‘handy’ to install or set up something. You have to be ‘handy’ to land a job in coding.
  • individuals with a programming problem — maybe it’s a guy who needs help with his programming homework or something 🙂. The “or something” can also be very, very scary occasionally. Don’t let this discourage you. Always remember if you are not willing to be a back door doer someone else out there is. If you want to code you need to be willing to go the extra mile. Don’t let fear stop you from trying something new. Who knows you may find you like it!🙂
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I hope I have convinced you

I hope I have convinced you that gigs can be a great way to start a programming career.

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