I am in full agreement with everything you said about the positive aspects of Medium. We share much in common though I am a member and for me there is no “yet.” I have a full time career in research and writing is only a hobby I enjoy, and a way for me to let off some steam from time to time. That said I am no pollyanna and there are some big problems here. For me the proliferation of bots as followers on the site is the most annoying and potentially problematic. This issue seems to worsen daily and Medium management is either totally oblivious or actively encouraging it. I think they like the bump in traffic it generates (not real). Moreover, I am afraid that many writers here do not care or also actually like the bump in their stats (not real) these bots provide. I feel basically alone in my concerns. I have written so many damn posts on this issue but below are links to just a few if you are at all interested.

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