I did not read your post. I have no idea if I want to “date” you as I have no idea who you are. I also have no idea what you think it means for someone to “date” you. Since the letter was open only to those men who want to do that thing, whatever it is, even though I am a man, I did not feel right reading it. Thank you though for clarifying who precisely your target reading audience is. I wish more people would write stuff just for specific groups of people. Lots of people do I suppose but they don’t put that information in the title of their works. I like how you did that as it saved me some time. Of course I then wasted probably an even greater amount of my time writing this response. Dammit! I suck. On the other hand since I did not read your post perhaps I still spent less time writing this then I would have reading your piece. I guess we’ll never know. It’s almost like a quantum probability type deal. If I read your post I will know but if not I will never know. What is my knowledge state at this very moment concerning the amount of time spent reading v writing vis a vis your post? Gosh. My brain hurts thinking about it. In any event I too like to “date” people but am too good for most. I am going to write a similar article, whatever that would be like, since I did not read yours. In mine I will list all the reasons women don’t like me then suggest that any women who are ok with these traits are eligible to “date” me. It is gonna be awesome, for me, for the women who date me maybe not so much. I’m a real loser. Dammit. Definitely though I will include my target audience in the title to save others from wasting their time just as you did. I’m thinking of calling it

An Open Letter to Any Persons but Mostly Women Who Do Not Hate Me

I figure I will capture a larger target audience right out of the gate with that approach. Hopefully at least a small subset will want to “date” me. Awesome.

Thx again!


p.s. I reject any claps received here by anti-feminists, racists, or other haters. I am looking at you Estwald. This was meant to be a stupid, funny, dumb, no think piece with no hidden sub text or agenda. Do not read your shit into my work.

Research scientist (Ph.D. micro/mol biology), Thought middle manager, Everyday junglist, Selecta (Ret.), Boulderer, Cat lover, Fish hater

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