I knew this infographic looked familiar. Check out the copy of a poster a friend of mine showed me the other day that is hanging on the wall of his daughters fourth grade classroom. First Mr. Kim’s is shown then below that is the Ms. Swan version.

Clearly it is Mr. Kim who is the plagiarizer as no one, especially if claiming to be an expert in the skills employers are looking for, would possibly think to prepare an infographic as unprofessional and childish as this. Not many employers would find a pink horned unicorn with heart cartoon bubble and science man with light bulb amusing in a business document. However, they do practically scream 4th grade. At first I dismissed this post because the supposed “critical skills needed for 2020” are each regurgitated, tired tropes and cliches from the 20th century but now I also find out its plagiarized from a superior work. Shame on you Larry.

Authors note: This is meant as a spoof, a joke, a funny thing to laugh at. I do not know Larry but I am sure he is a very good guy and certainly no plagiarizer. It was meant to be ironic or sarcastic or a parody or one of those humor things.

Get it? Not only is it cliched and tired (it may or may not be either of these things, and pull up anyone of the crap things I have written here for excellent examples of the cliched and tired form) its also plagiarized from a 4th grade classroom poster? Funny right? It’s called exaggeratory hilarity. I just made that up so don’t bother looking it up. I saw the unicorn and the lab cartoon man and my mind just screamed at me, wall of 4th grade classroom. It is quite obviously a fake I thought. I mean I used power point for crying out loud, not even a photoshop job. The colors are all wrong, the font is different, etc. Do I need to start explaining all of my jokes now?

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Larry Kim -Skills needed in the 2020 workforce
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Ms. Swan — Skills needed in the 4th grade

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Research scientist (Ph.D. micro/mol biology), Thought middle manager, Everyday junglist, Selecta (Ret.), Boulderer, Cat lover, Fish hater

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