I like where you are going with that but I have a couple of problems with the premise. I just do not see how an algorithm can in any way be equated with a functioning, intelligent, human being and the way we act, interact, move, eat, drink, sleep, curse, etc. with the world. As you correctly point out an algorithm does one thing, it runs, it computes, it does what it is programmed to do. A person, a human being, does not just “run” or “compute”. It’s actions cannot be modeled or programmed or to make up a word algorithmatized. I have no problem with consciousness as a process or as a thing or as a whatever you want it to be. What it cannot be however is algorithmatized. If it could then all of my thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, values, etc. could be programmed into a computer. Obviously that is a highly simplified and too cute by half description of what I am getting at but I hope you see my point or maybe better “feel” it. This is what the computer, the so called “AI” cannot do, maybe can never do. I threw out the challenge in another recent response. I will believe an AI can exist when the following happens.

  1. I am introduced to the AI
  2. I throw the AI an orange and it catches it
  3. The AI eats the orange and describes the flavor, what it feels like to eat the orange, and how the flavor of the orange makes its feel.
  4. The AI compares that feeling, the flavor of the orange to the philosophy of Wittgenstein.
  5. Once 1–4 are completed I will check its answer. As I said in my previous post it better be a damn good one because mine is really good.

All of the above are requirements of intelligence. The synthesis of all of those things, the ability to “do” those “things” and synthesize them into a coherent story about the world and your place in it plus the ability to relate all of that to another intelligent beings worldview. That is a bare minimum to be considered an intelligent being on the level of a fully functional human adult. And yes I realize intelligent animals and children and many normal functioning adults may not be able to do all of those things. At least in the case of the children and normal functioning adults they at least have the “potential” to do those things. They have all of the “equipment” to do it if you will. And just maybe intelligent animals could as well, were we able to communicate with them appropriately and find good substitutes for the “orange” and “wittgenstein” in my example problem. In my view that is all besides the point because the people pushing AI, telling us it is going to be the savior of the world, or our next God, or devil, or it is going to destroy the world or whatever, they are selling people on the AI that is equivalent to or more intelligent than the best of men/women. They are not saying AI is going to be intelligent like an animal or like a child or any other counter case or example you might come up with.

Ultimately this is why I rebel so ferociously against these people. They are selling something that cannot possibly live up to the hype (for good or for bad) to frankly ignorant people who have no fucking clue that they are being lied to. And the reason they are selling that vision of AI is because they think (rightly) they can make a buck off of it. Hell there is a fucking AI conference, degrees in AI, AI fucking toys at Wal-mart. Its all bullshit and that bothers the piss out of me. I will stop my whining and my crusade against AI when I get 1–5, until then my tirade will continue.

Thanks for the thoughtful response and reading, and clearly caring about this stuff. It is way too esoteric for most it seems like most days. Sorry for the cursing. See my earlier reply about my anger issues. Lol!



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Research scientist (Ph.D. micro/mol biology), Thought middle manager, Everyday junglist, Selecta (Ret.), Boulderer, Cat lover, Fish hater

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