I take your point but it isn’t about stats it’s about the integrity of the site. Who is in control here? It sure doesn’t seem like Medium execs or management are. Instead it seems that shadowy outside whatever fucks can come in here and do whatever the fuck they want anytime they want. Sure, maybe there is no harm from this bot invasion. Great, but what about the next one? If management can’t stop a “harmless” annoyance like this what makes you think they can stop someone truly bent on doing real damage. What pisses me off the most about this whole situation isn’t even any of that, though it is worrisome to think about, rather it is the total and complete silence from Medium on this issue. How hard is it to put up one brief blurb, acknowledge at least what is happening, tell us what you know. Hell if they want I will write a draft for them. I can start right now.

An Update from Medium Executives and Management

Dear Medium Users,

We are aware of the proliferation of “fake” followers that have been showing up in users feeds in ever increasing numbers over the past ~30 days. Rest assured our security teams have been working around the clock to diagnose and resolve the issue. It became apparent within the first 24h that the “bots” masquerading as actual writer followers were not a threat in any direct sense to the integrity of the site or users personal information or data. Because of this early finding we choose not to sound an alarm or make any mention of the situation publicly. It was thought that making any gesture of acknowledgement might encourage the attackers rather then dissuade further attacks. In hindsight that decision may have been misguided and we apologize freely and fully for not more quickly addressing the issue with our loyal user base.

While we still cannot say for certain either the identity or purpose of the attacker or attackers we can say what it most definitely is not. It is not some cynical ploy by Medium management to “trick” users into staying or signing up for memberships by artificially adding followers to the system. Medium is on sound financial footing and continues to meet or exceed all of our initial financial performance metrics post site adjustment to a pay model. Please understand we are doing everything in our power to stop this and will not rest until all fake accounts, users, followers, or identity of anytime are completely eradicated from Medium. We will provide regular updates on the situation as they become available.

Executive committee,


p.s. We are loving the hilarious takedowns of the ridiculous names and identities of these bots. Especially that Daniel Demarco guy, he is fucking so damn funny. What a talent.

Now if I read that exact letter I would immediately suspect 90% was outright false and the other 9% purposeful obfuscation. The only part I would believe is the p.s. section. Guess what though? I would still feel 110% better.

Medium you are welcome.

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Research scientist (Ph.D. micro/mol biology), Thought middle manager, Everyday junglist, Selecta (Ret.), Boulderer, Cat lover, Fish hater

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