I take your point on the cosmo no geo thing and I apologize for speaking so harshly and broadly about two groups about which honestly I have almost zero first hand knowledge. I am constantly bitching about broad brushed dismissals of groups or things and I find myself doing it more and more lately. The individuals that make up that class or the reality of my perceptions are considered briefly, if at all.

Mostly I am looking to provoke a reaction. Get people to question their assumptions. I will always take the contrarian position, even if I don’t believe in it, especially if I don’t. I want to hear somebody else tell me why they (and by extension I) should believe it. If they can’t convince me then i will keep taking that position until somebody does. It is a good way to ensure your beliefs are solid and defensible, not a great way to make friends or meet people. Lol!

Anyway thanks for responding to my comment and keep up the good work. I enjoy the topic of the intersection of science and religion or science and spirituality or whatever you want to call it. Wish I had your obviously high level expertise and knowledge on the physics side. Alas, as a lowly microbiologist my math and thus real physics training ended in disaster at differential equations.

All that said, and I hope you take no offense, I do not trust the motives or the intentions of the tech utopians. You call yourself one yet I have read (only a little) of your work and I do not see the hallmark indicators of tech utopianism in your work. These include (only some of the big ones)

  1. Total disregard/ dismissal of the concerns of the poor or non tech savvy who happen to make up the vast majority of the population of the planet. The position seems to be that once the singularity happens there will be no more poor or rich so why bother caring now (see #2)
  2. Withdrawal from participation in the activities of the world as it exists now — e.g. not voting, abstaining for activism of the non technology related variety, not caring about the plight of the poor or the disenfranchised, etc.
  3. Cheer leading for the misappropriation of resources to projects of high value to a very few but little to no value for most. e.g. mission to mars, cyber enhancement, etc.
  4. Way over inflated sense of the current state of technology and outrageous over hyping of anything tech — e.g. belief that AI is “just around the corner” when in fact it is more likely 500–1000 years hence, if ever. Use and misuse of terms like “machine learning”. A term composed of two words that by their very definitions when combined in that order result in a logical contradiction and thus is nonsense. see https://medium.com/@dema300w/can-a-machine-learn-7e42723d750

There I go again with those broad strokes. lol!

peace and keep writing brother!

p.s. I did also really dig your piece that you linked in your reply to me on the simulation hypothesis. I will probably have something to say on that too but need to digest it some first.

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Research scientist (Ph.D. micro/mol biology), Thought middle manager, Everyday junglist, Selecta (Ret.), Boulderer, Cat lover, Fish hater

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