I went and looked at this study and have to say I was confused. The author says "The results also revealed that genetics was a significant factor—accounting for 30 percent of the equation. Yet there were no differences between men and women when it came to jealousy on a genetic level." How could genetics be a significant factor yet there be no differences on a genetic level? I must be missing something. It is very early and I am very tired. I am always skeptical when complex emotional states are linked to specific gene sequences. It is the natural outcome of the dominance of the philosophy of DNA determinism across the globe at the moment.

Very nice piece, thank you. I happen to consider jealousy and not love of money as the root of all evil. I have often wondered what the world would look like if jealousy did not exist as an emotion. Would humans have even made it, evolutionarily speaking, without jealousy? I say yes we easily still would have survived. I just don’t think it played as large a role as many do when it comes to humanities fitness for survival and reproduction. And the role it did play, just as with today, was mostly a negative one. Without jealousy the world would likely be a utopian paradise with no wars or strife of any kind. I say we get rid of it and see what happens. You in? lol!

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