I will try and remember this the next time I read a journal article written by an AI describing a highly complex natural phenomenon and making a novel discovery about it, or see a patent application from one, or when I see one cure yet another disease. At this rate all of science will be dominated by AIs and we will be living in a disease free Utopia by next year. Oh, wait a minute, none of those things have happened yet or even come close to happening. The brute, unsexy, fact of the matter is that AI does not exist and it may never. To suggest we “outsource” research to AIs is beyond absurd. It is a nonsense idea not even worth debating. I would not waste my time responding to such ridiculousness were it not for its pervasiveness. A Harvard scientist, molecular biologist no less, one of my own profession saying such a thing makes me literally sick to my stomach. The puny, biological, real, weak human mind has done a fine job of reconstructing “highly complex natural phenomenon” (whatever that might be defined as) up until now. I think it still has at least a few more years of productive life (maybe 10–20k) in it before we consign it to the dustbin of history and cede control to our synthetic compu-overlords.

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