I would suggest they could borrow heavily from the Simulationlist church. It’s teaching fully embrace the possibility and promise of AI. In fact some fence sitters with simulationist leanings but who have not yet been simulationally submerged believe the birth/creation/emergence of real, actual artificial intelligence will be “proof” that the simulation hypothesis is ultimately correct. This is because it will prove that it is possible for a computer/computing/digital system to generate consciousness and (human level) intelligence. Once this is shown to be possible it is only a very short leap to the conclusion that much bigger computers could generate a near infinite number of “simulated” AIs and use them to populate a simulated universe. If SH1 is currently true in the scenario I am describing we would actually be AIs living in a simulated universe supposedly on the verge of creating our own AIs. Digital life using digital systems to propagate more digital life inside a fully digital domain. In any case, adding that “evidence” to the already strong (in their minds) logical/mathematical arguments and SH1 must be correct. Many of those people will experience submersion then and the church will explode in numbers overnight. At least that is what church elders hope will happen. I am more skeptical and of course am not a church goer either. I only write about the religion because I find it fascinating.

Personally I still often ponder the simulation hypothesis (typically the SH1 or standard simulation hypothesis version in which both ourselves and the universe are 100% simulated). See the link below if you are interested in reading about the other less discussed but just as interesting possibilities. Search my name and simulation hypothesis if you are an SH super fan, you won’t be disappointed I promise. Alternatively you will be very disappointed and I will have broken the promise I just made. This will cause even greater disappointment and…what was I talking about again. Oh yeah…

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