Inventor of Trademark ™ and Copyright © Symbols Simultaneously Sued for Trademark Infringement and Copyright Violations

Thomas Frins the recognized pioneer and world leader in the field of symbology for legal applications was sued in federal court last week for both trademark infringement and copyright violations. The suit was brought by Emoticonics Inc., a technology firm that specializes in the development and application of symbolic language. Emoticonics is most well know for inventing the avacado emoji 🍆 which subsequently became the default symbolic representation of the penis in most internet communications.

Legal arguments in each case are highly technical but most agree that the rulings will have far ranging implications for both the legal and publishing industries. The plaintiffs freely admit that Mr. Frins did in fact invent the symbols at issue. However they go on to argue that since he failed to legally trademark the ™ symbol he is in violation of Emoticon Inc.’s trademark on the ™ symbol which was applied for and approved in 2005. Moreover since he has continued to use and promote the use of the copyright © symbol he has violated the copyright protections of Emoticon who published a style guide in 2006 which established copyright protection over the symbol.

No matter the ultimate decision in either suit the average person will still chuckle when they stop for a second to ponder how anyone could be so stupid as to think a ridiculous symbol would stop them from doing whatever the fuck they want with anything they find published on the Internet.

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