Logic would not attempt to. Rather scientific materialism or naturalism or any other “ism” which takes science and reason as core concepts upon which to build their worldview might. Logic, is not a philosophical school, nor just another ‘ism’, it is form of reasoning which builds up on itself a system of ‘talking about the world’ from within. The form is solid and unbreakable because it takes nothing from the outside but only uses its own self to move to higher and higher levels of description. Logic cares not a whit about Taoism or Chuang Tzu’s status as a butterfly or a person. Logic would still be logic in either case. Logic cares not for evidence either, as evidence implies argument and logic does not argue. It is not capable of argument, only of description. Finally, in great contrast to how many people think about logic, it cares not about proof. Using logic to prove things is what (some) human beings do with it but logic would not care if it were ever used for anything or for nothing, nor does it care if it is used correctly or incorrectly, it applies just as equally in all cases. Logic is the form of the world (the universe), the only universal form we know of so far. It is the same form for a Taoist as a hardcore rationalist. Logic never denies anyone their beliefs nor confines anyone to a set of rigid rules. It’s rules are impossible to break because we cannot imagine how they might be broken. There is nothing illogical about a man not knowing if he is a man or a butterfly. All things which can be thought or said (with the exception of logical contradictions, which are logically impossible, and tautologies which say nothing) are logical, it is impossible for them to be otherwise. A man could be a bird or a butterfly but he cannot be them both at the same time. Logic never solves riddles but neither does it ask them.

Honorem L. Wittgenstein — Nov, 24, 2017.

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Research scientist (Ph.D. micro/mol biology), Thought middle manager, Everyday junglist, Selecta (Ret.), Boulderer, Cat lover, Fish hater

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