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A mathematical proof showing how one proves things

Love it. The next time I submit a paper to a scientific journal and it gets rejected for lack of supporting data I’m gonna use that line. Even better the next time I run an experiment and the data makes no sense (basically 95% of the time) I am going to interpret that data in a way that does make sense. At least it will make sense to me. Hell yes. And if I’m questioned about it by my colleagues. Fuck em! They lack vision. Im the one who spent two days setting up all the equipment, writing up the design, carefully considering all the variables and trying to account for them. Not those assholes. How dare they question me? If only they could see things as I do. Alas, they cannot as their feeble minds have been warped by this so called reality. I am no longer constrained by such irritating details. The laws of thermodynamics are but suggestions to me. Logic, math, I laugh at them now. What have they ever done for me, better yet what have they ever done for the world? You disagree do you? You think they have well prove it! Oh wait. Sorry. I meant, share with me your vision.

The people who claim to have vision are usually the same ones who dont know how to prove. That is not the same as saying that proof is a requirement in all or even most things. As far as I can tell there are only two systems of thought that demand it, logic and math. Nothing is proven in science, some things are disproven, and then gradually more and more are, until finally the remaining things are accepted as the correct things, the real things.

I cannot accept that mathematicians and logicians lack vision. I doubt you will find many who would agree that Wittgenstein lacked vision, or Russell, or Frege, or I could go on an on. They were the very definition of visionaries by any accepted definition of the term.

The question of the reality of our existence, simulation or not, glitches, or smooth as silk, will not be answered by the people who only demand proof or by the people who claim to have vision. Instead it will be answered by visionaries in science who set out to pursue a vision, their version of the way things are or should be. They may even try to prove it at first. Prove that they are correct, that their vision is the “right”one. In this, however they willl ultimately fail, not because the method of science is the wrong way or the weak way, but because it is the strong way, and the only way we can ever approach the truth of the matter. But we are destined to only ever approach the truth, approximate it, at least if we only follow the way of science for the scientific method does not allow for proof of anything. Is there a way to get past that last tiny fraction of uncertainty that remains when all scientific routes to the truth have been exhausted? Yes, and that is where the visionaries can and should step up to plate. They can fill that void with speculation and imagination but, like the scientists, they to can never be found to be ultimately correct or in error. Unlike the scientists who has a method for checking his concordance with the truth (the scientific method), there is no method to check the visionary of the imagination, except perhaps with our own.

Author’s note: Thanks to all who clapped for this old post. When I went to re-read it I noticed it had not been completed. I really liked it so went ahead and filled out the rest. The new stuff starts right after “Prove they are correct….” about a quarter of the way down the last paragraph. I like it much better now. 07/18/18.

Research scientist (Ph.D. micro/mol biology), Thought middle manager, Everyday junglist, Selecta (Ret.), Boulderer, Cat lover, Fish hater

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