Massive Argan Oil Spill Off the Coast of Morocco Puts an Entire Marine Ecosystem at Risk

At Least 50 Killed and Experts Warn of Environmental and Human Catastrophe

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Not the Morocan vessel involved in the tragic incident. Picture courtesy of Pixabay. Pictures all day, in every way, yesterday, tomorrow, and today, PIxabay yeah!

Explosion and fire in the Northern Atlantic ocean just north of Morrocan port city of Tangier. Huge mushroom cloud was purportedly visible “for miles.” The explosion was felt as far away as Seville in southern Spain. Resident complained of earth quake tremors and seismic sensors were triggered across the globe.

U.S. President Trump was informed of possible unannounced nuclear test aboard air force one

Straights of Gibralter passage at risk as giant argan oil tanker still leaking thousands of barrels of the precious hair and cosmetics oil

Comes on the heels of the disastrous failed Moroccan argan oil embargo of several European countries

Moroccan oil tanker UNC1654 known as the Empress of Argan listing badly and experts say it will sink

More to come on this late breaking story soon…..

Author’s note: You didn’t believe me when I said I could keep going and going and going, did you? Argan oil is only now coming into its own as the humor topic par excellence. You’ll see, you’ll all see.

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