My good old friend the mereological fallacy rears his ugly head again. From right out the gate at the very title of the article to example after example throughout, the author falls into the same logical trap that has befallen, and continues to befall himself and his fellow neuroscientists. I guess their brains will never learn. Even though it pains me to have to go through this yet again I suppose I have to so here we go. Brains are not capable of making decisions, brains are not capable of working out when to flee, or adding up evidence of a threat, or adding up evidence from the eyes, or talking or saying anything. Only of whole human persons with (mostly) fully functioning nervous systems, and some non human animals can we say they are capable of such things. We still do not have human brains in vats in which we conduct these experiments and we “cannot stick electrodes inside their brains to record their neurons being clown menanced.” Not only are neurons incapable of being menaced but the reason we would have to stick electrodes inside of brains inside of living whole people is because a live, (mostly) whole person or non human animal is required to make the observations of behaviour described in the experiments. A brain alone is not capable of behaving, Without you and your body, your brain would just “sit there” and do nothing. This thinking of the brain as some sort of being unto itself that is the master of every aspect of our lives, and that the body is some unneeded waste of space which could just be cast off at any time with little to no loss for ourselves is what has gotten us into the current mess we now face with respect to artificial intelligence. It has led to the belief that a disembodied consciousnesses floating around in a machine somewhere or on the web or where ever is a legitimate idea. That sensory apparatuses and other means of interacting with the physical universe are not required for a being to be conscious or intelligent. And ultimately it has led to the compulogical fallacy as well. The body/a body is important, just as or perhaps even more important, then the brain. A body is required for human consciousness and it may be (I believe it is — though many disagree it should be said) required for any conscious intelligent being. See links below for more.

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Research scientist (Ph.D. micro/mol biology), Thought middle manager, Everyday junglist, Selecta (Ret.), Boulderer, Cat lover, Fish hater

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