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The Aestivation Hypothesis for Resolving Fermi’s Paradox

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If aliens exist and they look like this I will be so disappointed, and frankly angry, furious even, I mean wtf! Hundreds of thousands of light years, trillions of stars and planets over an unimaginable expanse of time and this is what we get, some disgusting, doughy, non-proportional puppet looking thing. No way. See below for the correct aliens.
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Now that’s what I’m talking about, some proper aliens. Bad-ass. The only thing these guys are abducting is your sanity or your still beating heart right out of your chest. Sweet.

I had not noticed the similarities between the logical arguments of Fermi’s paradox and those of the simulation hypothesis before. That could make for a very interesting discussion. If you actually read the paper this article is about you will also find similarities/overlap between the aestivation hypothesis and the simulation hypothesis. Does that fascinate you? Are you going to write about it? If so, hello, my favorite Czech and intellectual heavyweight Martin Rezny, how are you doing today, enjoying this post so far? if not, sorry I just wasted your time. It should be noted that Fermi’s paradox was proven to be an incorrect use of propositional logic way back in 1985. Essentially it fails when recast in the more appropriate for this type of argument, modal logic form. However, since nobody gives a shit about logic (see data science and machine learning for prime examples) and even fewer know what the f*!% I am talking about we continue.

Finally, we get to the damn paper. Remember, the supposed topic of this very post. It was linked way up there at the beginning. Had the sweet title with the weird word and hypothesis and eldritch horror master (& horrible racist) H.P. Lovecraft. That’s the one. Go click on the link and read the abstract. Did you do it? If you did you are a sucker, hah! because I am going to paste it in below next.

Abstract — Sandberg et. al, May 2017

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